KBI MT4 for PC

MetaTrader 4 is the most popular forex trading platform. MetaTrader 4 platform is specially design for forex and futures trade. Trader can use MetaTrader 4 to analysis market.

Why MetaTrader 4 Platform?

- MT4 is hailed as the world's most popular trading platform and provide traders with an award-winning solution.

- The platform has 3 different chart types, 9 time periods, 39 languages, more than 50 preset technical indicators and a fully customizable interface.

- One platform can trade multiple trading products, including FX, stocks, indices, precious metals, energy and other CFDs.

- Compatible with EAs (intelligent automated trading programs), custom indicators and other application tools.

- Provide mobile trading platform, supporting Apple and Android systems, traders can use mobile phones to carry out transactions and manage orders anytime, anywhere.

- Provide advanced notification signal system.

Comprehensive technical analysis

Automatically record every drawing change drawing on chart

Multi-window design allows you to monitor each product simultaneously

Easy and simple chart operation

Provide 9 time periods for you to capture more detailed price changes

Compatible with custom technical indicator programs to make your trading strategy more humane

Start your trading journey

With our MT4, you can monitor the market more accurately, manage your positions quickly and efficiently, optimize trading strategies, enhance your trading advantages, and enjoy a perfect trading experience.